Missha Time Revolution Nutritious Eye Cream – Is it Dupe?

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Another Reviews…

Okay, they say eyes are the window to the soul and an easy way to assest a person’s age. I’ve been trying to find a good eye cream that would benefits all my  flaws in just one product. So I heard about this one brand the Time Revolution Nutritious Eye Cream of Missha (of course another korean product). So let’s see if this product meet all the requirements I need to lighten my dark under eye.

I have a certain amount of puffiness right below the lower eyelid, wrinkles and dark under eye circle that made me decide to invest in an eye cream. Before I continue to give you the result you can see below the looks of the product which is their trial pack.

Photo is the front, back full view of the item I bought and the 3rd photo is after removing the sealed. On the 1st photo you can see it’s divided by the dashed line, just tear it and the upper part was nothing. I don’t understand what is says because it’s written in Korean language, maybe it’s how to use or the ingredients…I don’t know! Then the second part with the image of the item is where the content located, so obviously you can trash the upper part. The back view still in Korean language no translations and you have to use google and search for how can you use it. Overall packaging is cute.

Okay this is a big question mark for me. As I observing the product I saw something translated in English check the photo’s below.

not for saleYES! You read it clearly… it’s NOT FOR SALE! Then why the heck selling it for 49.00 pesos?! Can you guys explain it…why?! why?! oh whhhyyyy?! (joke…haha).  The reason? I really don’t know let’s leave it to them. I think I need to go to Korea to get it for free. And if you know why just comment down below or email me.

Going back…
Okay, if you want to try some product and you don’t want to invest so much money because you still don’t know the effect. Try to buy some sachet or a trial pack (like what I always did). So if ever it doesn’t meet your expectations…you wont feel any regrets of buying it. And good thing about Korean product they always have a trial pack. I bought 5pcs for only P22.00/pc in Lazada but the original price is P49.00. Below you can see the content of their trial pack.

Can you imagine guys?! For 49.00 pesos you will only have a pea sized amount of their product? (dissapointed for the content) But I can’t blame them as the title it’s only a sample pack so what do I expect but I guess the price is too much for just pea sized amount and you can only use this for 3 days. The consistency it’s very creamy and sticky when you started to apply it.

This is how I use the Missha Time Revolution Nutritious Eye Cream. Of course clean your face first with your favorite facial wash. Me, I use iwhite Moisturizing Facial Wash (current fave right now). Then after all your skin care you can now apply the eye cream just get a few amount then pat in product to absorb. Can be use night and day.

Now let’s see the after effects of the product.  Photo down below is the before and after… I think 3 or 4 weeks of using the eye cream.


Slight blurry for the before photo but still you can see the dark circle at the corner of my eye and the puffiness. Then lets see what are the product claims after using it:

Protects moisture in skin, high nutrition, high moisture and delivers moisture deep into eye area. Yes for the moisture of the product.
Gives strength and revitalizes tired eyes. Another yes! As you compare the photo you can see it restore my eye into a fresh look.
Brightening effect.
My dark circle get’s lighten as it obvious but not totally disappeared.
Anti-wrinkle that contains black lentil butter (a superfood) which moisturizes eye area that is prone to wrinkles.  Lessen my wrinkles…again, but not totally disappeared, maybe if you continue using the product you’ll get the result you wanted.
Elasticity.  What did you see if you compare the before and after? Resume the normal shape of my eye and lastly, it give soothing effect to weak eye area and gives comfortable care.

So it’s not dupe and if I recommend the product? Yes, though, it took a lot of time to see the result but again if you’ll continue using Time Revolution Nutritious Eye Cream of Missha you’ll get the result that you want.
If I will buy  again? Since I already tried it and see that it’s really effective…for now, NO! Why? Because it’s too pricey, I think I will look for another eye cream which is cheaper, budget friendly, yet, effective.

So that’s it for today. If you have question or want to clarify something you can comment down below or email me. Thank you guys for your time until my next reviews. Bye!





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