iWhite Korea Facial Wash Whitening Vita

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Today I’m going to share with you my current favorite facial wash. I’ve been using this for almost two months and counting. I guess enough time for me to pen down my thoughts about this product.

If you already read my  other reviews you’ll notice that my face is acne prone and I have an oily and combination skin. Ever since I started teenage life my breakouts got a lot worst than I expected. I almost tried a lot even the branded and unpopular ones. None of them cured my acne problem.

So finally, I found the right facial wash for me, the iWhite Korea Facial Wash Whitening Vita.

iWhite Korea Whitening Vita Facial Wash is a deep cleansing wash that removes excess oil and eliminates skin impurities while it whitens, revitalizes, and improves skin condition to reveal your skin’s radiance. It is infused with Vitamins C & E which help fight cellular damage, acne, and wrinkles.
Contains natural active ingredients that also help:
* Prevent pimples & other skin irritations
* Maintain firmness of skin.

I bought a trial pack first, just to test if I will have a breakout. Usually if I tested a new facial wash or any other skin care product for my face, acne breakout is my sign that the product I used is not best for me. But with the iWhite Facial Wash, I didn’t experience  any breakout, so…I will considered this as one of the best facial wash, so far, and added to  my everyday skin care.

Then I decided to buy a full size tube. Well, according to what you can see from the photo down below, it was obvious that I really love using iWhite Facial Wash almost everyday.

Oh by the way I forgot to mention the price. It’s very affordable even student can afford the iWhite Facial Wash. For the trial pack it’s just 18.00 pesos only and you can buy the full size tube for only 159.00 pesos in 90ml. You can find the product in any Sm Store/SM supermarket, Watson even in Mercury Drugstore, but mine I bought it in Lazada. I don’t have time to go to their physical store, so I always buy through online store.

Lets’ go with the contents, it has a creamy texture that you can easily spread on your face and a mild scent. You can only have a pea-size amount that can cover all your face. See, considered the cheapest price plus the saving of amount you can use in iWhite Facial Wash. With this, I knew that I found a one of a kind facial wash that could help me with my acne problem and other skin impurities as well.

What I love about iWhite Facial Wash?
 – this is perfect for all skin types… weather your face is sensitive, oily, dry or normal. Plus the added benefits such as moisturizing, whitening and revitalized your face. So far, I can’t find any reason that makes me hate this product.

I will definitely recommend this product.

If I will buy again? I already bought another tube size, but I will not use it for now because I’m testing another Korean product I will also post the reviews after a couple of weeks or days of using it. I’ll put the link of my reviews here once I’m done or you can follow my blog to keep you update in every post.





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