Bintan Days (2011)

All the way from Singapore we ride a Ferry going to Bintan Resort.

BintBRFan Resorts Ferries (BRF) is a regular ferry service that plies between Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT), Singapore and Bandar Bentan Telani (BBT) Ferry Terminal, Bintan Resorts on a daily basis. The high-speed catamaran ferry ride brings you to Bintan Resorts in only 60 minutes. Ferry tickets can be booked online via Bintan Resort Ferries (BRF) at Visitors can also purchase their ferry tickets at the ferry terminal. Cash and card payments are accepted over the BRF Counter. Opt to travel with first class treatment on board Bintan Resort Ferries’ Emerald Class. Perks for Emerald Class include dedicated and combined check-in for boarding and baggage, seat assignment, use of Emerald Lounge and priority baggage handling.


  • Bintan, Indonesia is 1 hour behind Singapore
  • Please check in at least 1.5 hours before the ferry departure time.
  • Optional purchase of AIG travel insurance (Bintan) is available via BRF website

Check out the schedule of ferry.



The photo was taken travelling on the ferry but some of  my friend thought that it was from airplane. I was writing on the Embarkation Cards given to us (which everyone, including their citizens must fill out). Chances are, if you’ve flown to a different country you’ve been given a card to fill out on arrival. This form, called an embarkation card….anyways let’s proceed.


Actually, my destination was Singapore. This was my 2nd day since I left (Philippines) and when I arrived to Singapore my cousin booked me a ferry ticket going to Bintan Indonesia, the day before my arrival. So here it goes!

Since that was a first time for me to go outside my country  I’ll make sure I have a lots of photo I can keep (So bear with me). These was taken in front of the resort. Upon our arrival, they gave us a drinks  before we get in. The staff of the resort was very accommodating. I don’t remember what kind of drinks it was but it taste good and refreshing (Oh by the way… it was summer days so expect the weather is so hot).

That was their Towel Counter, where you can able to get free use of towel as long as you were there. Okay, again bear with my fats…hahaha!

The view.
Since I wasn’t able to  get a clear copy, I provide a link.


 And of course more selfies…haha!

Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.” – Unknown 


So how’d you like my Bintan trip? Hoping for more trip next time. Let me know your thoughts comment down below.