Oh hi! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Irene, as you can see the title of my blog is my full name because this blog reflects my personality (I guess) and this is all about me and what really happened last year (2017) and why I decided to make another blog. Before I fully introduce myself, let me say thanks in advance for giving me a little bit of your time to read my blog (some of my post). This is actually my 2nd blog and for those new in this blog please come and join me to my not so extravagant life.

Okay, without further ado meet the owner of this blog!

I’m a blogger from Bulacan, Philippines. I’ve been blogging since 2013. I am the author of the Black Rose of Ice if you came across it. Those who followed me since then thank you for keep staying and hoping that you can still bear with me a little bit more. I’ll make sure to keep this blog more updated than my old one and promise this is really different, I link some of my  old post, though!

Okay going back, I am a first time mom to my only son Seth Markus. Additional character for this blog.

Newborn Photo

Yes, I got pregnant! This is all the reason behind my MIA last year (I’m so sorry),  I’ve gone through a lot of challenges last year (2017) and I don’t have time to blog everything. Being a first time mom is not really easy and I know every mom can relate and GOD is really there for me and for my son. I still can’t believe I am already a mom… big word and big responsibility for me.


Behold, children are a gift from the LORD.

The fruit of the womb is a reward.

PSALM 127:3



This blog is where I can freely express myself, personal feelings but this is not just about me, my family and new life. As I promise this blog is going to be different, you can also see some of my beauty product reviews that I recently use for my skin care. I am not a beauty guru, it’s just happened that lately I am being fanatic of some beauty products and decided to share it with you guys. Of course as a mom we can’t let our self look  “losyang” (I tried to look for an English word of “losyang” but I couldn’t find anything . . . I guess Unglamorous? Frazzled? Ugly? I really don’t know a suitable word for that.) 

And of course I’ll be posting some of my travel experienced (not really a travel…but it’s just happened that I was there for a reason) like when I was in Indonesia to spend our summer and how did I get there. My Singapore real story and the unplanned trip to baler and my dad’s hometown (those link still on my drafts).

Aside from all that I’ll be posting some story or experienced about ME being a first time mom…what I’ve learned about motherhood and a lot more. So guys please come and join me to discover more about myself and the real goal of this blog.

So that’s it for now… ooops! Since you came all the way here please…please guys do me a favor help me to grow this blog and if you still have spare time feel free to explore and share if you think I can help. If not just let me know also… just fill out the form below or you can email me.